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About us?

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Our vision


Achieve a sustained and ascending development to maintain the highest level of quality in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.


Our mission

Ensure personalized and comprehensive advice and coordination in all modes and stages of transport, logistics and international trade, complying with the highest quality standards.



Fimasa has been synonymous with excellence in international transport advice for more than three decades.


The philosophy we practice in our company is to provide our clients with personalized advice and impeccable information, in order to ensure excellent service.


We have the internationally well-established infrastructure and an extensive network of correspondents in the countries with which Mexico usually has continuous commercial exchange, in order to be able to coordinate for our esteemed clientele, all shipments that are amended to us.


We are able to handle all kinds of merchandise and we are specialists in handling project cargo with excess weight and dimensions, by land, sea and air, as well as offer the services of coordination of transport insurance against all risks and customs clearance in all customs of the country, until delivery to your plant or warehouse.


What you wanted to have in Mexico, whenever and wherever. So it is consumer items or machinery. Either by consolidated cargo, full container or conventional cargo. Fimasa offers you tailored solutions for all questions about maritime, land and / or air transport, packaging, storage, transport insurance, customs procedures, etc.

Our staff

Our success, being like a family


Our service requires highly trained personnel in services to foreign trade, it is for them that we keep it continuously updated, in order to provide them with a service of efficiency and quality.


75% of our staff is in contact with our customers and our supply chain business partners, so they have the ability to demand full compliance from our business partners, as well as to meet the needs of our customers With a positive attitude of service.


The success of our staff, is to make them feel like part of a family, where their colleagues, customers and suppliers are part of it, this, combined with training under the highest quality standards, make them work committed and focused on results.

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